Sonatina Project


The senior students in the studio spent their 2009/2010 group classes studying Sonatinas and Sonata-Allegro Form.  They then embarked on a composition project that would provide them with the opportunity to further explore and consolidate their understanding of the important concepts learned.  As a group, they composed a ‘Collaborative Sonatina’ (First Movement).  The process went as follows: (Scroll to bottom of page to hear the final product!)

Stage 1:

  1.   Students studied the first movements of a number of different Sonatinas by Classical


  1.   They analyzed their form, themes, characters, thematic development, key structures,

    and harmonic foundations.

Stage 2:

•Each student wrote their own theme 1 or theme 2. (These initial themes were right hand melody only).

Stage 3:

•Students explored various left hand accompaniment patterns in the Sonatinas they were studying.

•They analyzed the harmonic foundations that these LH accompaniment patterns provided.

Stage 4:

  1. Students worked in pairs, traded with one another the right hand themes they had

   composed, and wrote the left hand accompaniments for their partner’s thematic material.

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RH Austin

LH  Mark and Anna

RH Rebecca

LH Chris

RH Anna

LH Austin

RH Mark

LH Austin

RH Chris

LH Joyce

RH Rebecca

LH Chris

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LH Amelia

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RH Amelia

LH Rebecca

Collaborative Sonatina

Composed by the senior students of

‘Veronika Davy Piano Studio’


(Amelia, Anna, Austin, Chris, Joyce, Mark, Rebecca)

Stage 5:

  1. Students listened to all completed themes and voted on which two they wanted to use for

    their ‘Collaborative Sonatina’.

Stage 6: 

  1. Students who were studying transposition in their theory classes transposed the chosen theme

    into the tonic and dominant keys for the exposition.

Stage 7:

  1. Students studied various techniques for motivic development.

Stage 8:

  1. Each students wrote 4 different phrases in which they used the ‘motivic development techniques’

    studied in class to develop the material from the group’s exposition.

Stage 9:

  1. One student volunteered to work with the group’s development material to create a cohesive

    development section.

Stage 10:

  1. Students who were studying transposition in their theory classes transposed Theme 2

    from the exposition from the dominant key into the tonic key for the Recapitulation.

The following is the final product!

(Note:  If you are having troubling listening to any of the clips below, please refresh your browser page)

The collaborative Sonatina was performed at the 2010 Spring Recital by Rebecca Lash.

RH Chris

LH Mark