Private Lessons:

  Dynamic and experienced teacher
  Creative and individualized approach
  Cultivating a love of music and the arts
  Strong technical foundation
  Ear training, sight reading, and basic theory, integrated into weekly lessons
  Nurturing personal development 
  Preparation for RCM exams, competitions, festivals, and auditions

  45 Minutes 
  60 Minutes
  90 Minutes

*Lesson length is determined by the age and level of the student

Group Classes:

Three group classes per term compliment weekly private instruction and offer students a fun and engaging social learning environment in which they have the opportunity to:

  Practice performance skills
  Consolidate theoretical knowledge and understanding
  Strengthen ear and sight reading skills
  Develop and collaborate on annual studio projects (see ‘Studio Projects’ below)
  Inspire, motivate, and encourage their peers
  Build a sense of community within the studio

Click here to view more Group Class photos!
Group class sizes range (between six and ten students per class).  Students are   
   grouped by age and skill/experience level.

Theory Lessons:

Basic theoretical knowledge is integrated into weekly lessons.  Private and group theory lessons in preparation for the following RCM theory exams are also available:

Preparatory Rudiments
Basic Rudiments
Intermediate Rudiments
Advanced Rudiments

Students who wish to continue their theory studies at higher levels in order to obtain the required pre and co-requisite exams for their practical piano exams are encouraged to enrol in theory classes (private or group) through the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto.

Performance Opportunities:

Students are encouraged to participate in as many performance opportunities as possible.  Performing is a skill like any other, and as such improves with practice.  Working towards performance goals is also a powerful motivator for practicing.  Private tuition includes preparation for:

Studio Recitals: 
•	Studio Recitals are held twice each year in December and June. (Click here to view more photos from studio recitals)

Group Classes:
Students perform regularly for their peers at group classes. 

Performances in the Community:
• Students have the opportunity to perform at retirement homes as well as other venues and events in the community. (Click here to learn more!)

Festivals, Competitions, and Master Classes:
For more information about festivals in the GTA, click here.

RCM Exams:
•	Preparation for RCM Examinations (click here for more information)

Studio Field Trips:

  Students attend field trips to concerts and other musical events in the community.
  Click here for more information and a list of recent field trips!

Studio Projects:

Students participate in various studio projects each year.  Examples of past projects include:

• 	‘SOUND IN COLOUR’ PROJECT (2006 - 2008):
 Students created visual art pieces to accompany their recital repertoire.  Their art was
    projected for the audience to see during their recital performances.

• 	RECORDING PROJECTS (2008 - 2012):
 Students in the studio had the opportunity to create individualized CDs and DVDs that included all of
    their performances (Recitals, Festivals, Community Concerts, etc.) as well as any other repertoire that 
    they were interested in polishing and recording in-studio throughout the year.

•  Advanced students worked together to compose a ‘Collaborative Sonatina’.

•	 PRACTICE-A-THON for victims of the Haiti Earthquake (2010):
•  Students were sponsored for every extra half hour they practiced above and beyond their regular practice time.
 Students raised $2,758.00!!!

 Advanced students studied and analyzed Robert Starer’s ‘Sketches in Colour’.  They then embarked on
    their own composition projects (each choosing a different colour on which to base their compositions).   The complete student ‘Sketches in Colour Composition Cycle’ was performed at the 2011 June Recital.

 Advanced students were paired for the purposes of preparing PIANO DUO REPERTOIRE (two pianos,
    four hands)
 Robert Lowrey’s Piano Experts very generously hosted our June Recital and provided the students with
    two exquisite Schimmel Grands on which to showcase their Piano Duo Performances.  

Intermediate and advanced students were challenged to portray various ‘forces of nature’ through
   sound at the piano.  
Elements of music such as dynamics, articulation, range, tempo, texture, rhythm, melody, and harmony
   were explored.  
The complete composition cycle was performed at the 2013 Spring Recital.  Students also made a CD
   and compiled a book of their scores. 

On March 29th, 2014, cities all across the world went dark for Earth Hour... And we turned out the
   lights to perform an hour of music by candlelight!
The Earth Hour Recital Program featured pieces of music that were inspired by night time and darkness
   (ex. Claire de Lune, Nocturnes, Song of Twightlight, Evening Shadows, etc.) as well as pieces that celebrate the natural wonders of our planet (ex. Thunder on the Plains, Evening Tide, etc.)

Mentorship Program:

 Senior students are paired with first or second year beginners and provide
   weekly mentoring in the form of ‘mini-lessons’.
  Beginners receive support with practicing, as well as inspiration 
    and encouragement from their mentor.
  Mentors develop leadership skills and consolidate their own knowledge 
    and conceptual understanding through teaching.  Mentors also 
    receive community service hours for their work with their mentored 

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